Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Living as of Sindhu Joy"

Did you know that "Sindhu Joy’s updates" had graduated into being “Dr.Sindhu joy's updates”? Our media took their daily dose of perversion on that, too. I pity this girl, verily.

This is not a caricature of her, nor is it a character sketch. The voyeuristic Media is so fond of her and always on the prowl for every move she makes. The latest in the series is her doctoral thesis.

Her new-fangled doctorship hasn't done anything to her joyous naivete (innocence) that expresses itself as "An alter in the living as of Sindhu Joy towards Dr Sindhu Joy" or when she speaks of her new born niece as My new-fangled niece Elaina.

Reading her posts I feel that she might not be illiterate in the simple way as one might be tempted to believe. Maybe, her notion of language is different?  When I saw "An alter in the living as of Sindhu Joy towards Dr Sindhu Joy the first thought I had was that she was  talking about some sort of sacrifice on some sort of altar [the commie idea of the exalted self] in a new-fangled  theoretical tongue she acquired in the process of her "graduation into Dr Sindhu Joy".

A Mathrhubhumi report the other day said that her thesis was returned by an expert for corrections which was then sent to another expert who evaluated it and recommended for her doctroship. The second expert probably was able to tune himself/herself with the extra-ordinary psycholinguistics of Ms Joy.

I wish she never parted with her merry naivete that makes for her "life as of Sindhu Joy" (henceforth Dr. Sindhu Joy) and that renders each phrasing she turns out a gem. If she had won the election, she would have made a  brilliant parliamentary career with her wonderful phrase making skills. The loss is ours. I wish she met with more Joy in her life through the fulfillment of her innocent simple wishes like:

"most of my friends and family members are saying that my new born niece ELAINA will pursue my pathway and she will come up to politics"

Let her niece pursue Ms Joy's pathway and bring never-ending Joy to her life.

However, I cannot but express my disappointment at her disabling comments on her blog which is not in keeping with the spirit of the recent DYFI resolution on cyberspace interventions. I urge her to undo this mistake at the earliest. She would also greatly further her cause, if she she published at least parts of her doctoral thesis on her blog.

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  1. reminds me of JPR jokes

    'Newfangled niece' - that takes the cake.

    I wish I could read that thesis of hers.